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You deserve more memories—not more stress

If you’re anything like us, you desperately want to disconnect from the everyday to reconnect with your family—but between the kids you raise, the house you keep, or the board you chair, you’re too busy to plan the family vacation you all deserve without adding stress to your life—and you already have enough of that.

The good news is: We can help.

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Done-For-You Travel Planning, From Arrival to Departure

Ask your husband and kids: Travel is better when you just get to pack your bags and board the plane.

To us, that’s what luxury travel is all about: Having every detail taken care of for you, so you can leave the phone at home—or at least on Airplane mode—and be present for every moment.

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Ciao, I’m Shannon Kruse

When I was a little girl, travel meant family vacations to white-sand beaches and warm waters. But, as I grew, I came to understand that travel is so much more.

It’s connection—with the culture, our kin, and ourselves.  I founded House of Travel Design to help you reconnect with the world around you and within you.

Luxury Travel Designer

The Founder

Where luxury meets legacy—and every detail is taken care of for you.

We believe travel is about comfort and connection—whether you’re connecting with family, friends or the local culture.

After planning trips in countries near and far, we know how to take care of every little detail—and treat you to exclusive perks, like room upgrades and resort credits, on the House.

Why House of Travel Design?

“We can’t say enough good things about Shannon. She’s an exceptional Travel Designer. She has a sharp eye for detail and impeccable coordination, ensuring a smooth vacation experience from start to finish. And she personalized all aspects of our trip to our every want and need.”

- Rosemary | Family Trip

“Shannon is an astute Travel Designer. She’s an excellent coordinator, accurate with every detail. She’s flawless. Our holiday was perfect from our first correspondence with her until we returned home.”

- Mary | Multi-Generational Trip

“Shannon is meticulous when planning and designing itineraries. She ensures every detail, regardless of how small, is perfect. Her research is incredibly thorough and spot on, ensuring travel wishes are exceeded. She’ll work tirelessly to ensure your journey is just as you dreamed it to be.”

- Amy | Milestone Birthday

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The Trip of a Lifetime Awaits

Book a complimentary consultation, then pack your bags—because we’ll take care of every detail for you, from your arrival to your departure.

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