Wife, Mom to Two Daughters, and World Traveler

My story starts when I was just a girl: Family vacations whisked me from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the white-sand beaches of Mexico and the plumeria-infused air of Hawaii. But, as I grew, I came to understand that travel is so much more than sun and sand.

Travel is connection—with the culture, our kin, and ourselves—which I learned aboard a ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean at just 21 years old. Semester at Sea took me around the world, and showed me that world through new eyes. And I was forever changed

Because of that experience, I founded House of Travel Design.

Meet the Founder

Hailing from Corporate America, an experienced project manager and successful consultant to Fortune 500 companies, I blended my mind for detail with my spirit for travel like a good champagne and founded House of Travel Design to help families design their vacations.

But not just any vacations—vacations that are as meaningful as they are restful, immersing you in the local culture and in your close circle. Disconnecting you from work—and, hopefully, the Internet—and reconnecting you with the world around you and the world within you.

As a mother to two teenage daughters, I know how hard parenting can be in the Digital Age. And I know how hard planning a trip can be. I want to make it less hard for you. I want to make it easeful. Together, we’ll help you and your kin disconnect to reconnect.

We help you and your kin reconnect with each other and the world around you.

Luxury is your freedom to be present

Luxury travel is less about where you stay and more about having every detail taken care of for you, so you can travel with comfort, ease and peace of mind.

We’ll plan every detail and connect you with a local expert to ensure your every question and whim is answered and catered to from the moment you arrive.

Because Your Vacation is Too Valuable to Plan Yourself

Why luxury travel?

We’re proud to be independent Travel Designers of the Gifted Travel Network—a travel agency endorsed by Forbes Travel Guide—and a member of Virtuoso®, a network of elite travel advisors and luxury hotels, resorts and tour operators. Because of our affiliation with these esteemed brands, our clients benefit from exclusive access to perks like complimentary room upgrades, breakfasts, and hotel and resort credits.

Exclusive access to luxury properties and perks

Set atop a Tuscan hilltop, this medieval town is all old-world charm and Italian cuisine, away from the crowds of Rome.

03. San Gimignano, Italy

Known for its 1930s’ character reminiscent of Out of Africa, this giraffe reserve is a bucket-list destination.

02. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Set ashore the Baja’s west coast, this family-owned boutique resort is the perfect getaway for milestone birthdays.

01. Villa Santa Cruz, Mexico


A Few of My Favorite

The Trip of a Lifetime Awaits

Book a complimentary consultation, then pack your bags—because we’ll take care of every detail for you, from your arrival to your departure.

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